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BYU-Idaho Pathways – Deadline to enroll – December 12, 2012

“Pathways” for our area is only available through the Santa Anaand Golden West Institutes in OrangeCountyand these will be the only two groups beginning in January 2013. There will be a group for adults 30+ and one for younger students age 18-30. The registration deadline is December 12, 2012 and there is room for at least 15 more students in each of the two designated age groups.

Here is a useful link with information and deadlines for the Church Education System. There is information on

  • Applications & Admissions
  • Church Schools & Institute
  • College Preparation
  • Financial Preparation
  • Independent Study
  • Upcoming Deadlines

Note: For deadlines on financial aid in southern California schools, please see the Paying for School tab and look at the specific form of financial aid (FAFSA, particular scholarship, etc.) for further information. If you have signed up with, they will email you on scholarships and their deadlines.

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