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February 2013 preparedness challenge

The Stake Preparedness Challenge for the month of February is:

  1. Build a basic 72-hour kit for each member of the family and place in a safe, accessible area. For Grab-n-Go Bag suggestions from the February 2010 challenge, click here.Things You Need to Know about 72-Hour Kits
    • Your 72-hour kit should be in a portable container located near an exit of your house, or even better, sheltered in your back yard.
    • Each family member should have their own 72-hour kit with food, clothing and water. Distribute heavy items between kits.
    • Enclose extra clothing, matches, personal documents, and other items damageable by smoke or water in plastic to protect them.
    • Keep a light source in the top of your 72-hour kit, so you can find it quickly in the dark.
    • Personalize your 72-hour kit. Make sure you fill the needs of each family member.
    • Inspect your 72-hour kit at least twice a year. Rotate food and water every six months. Don’t forget to check your medications. Check children’s clothing for proper fit. Adjust clothing for winter or summer needs. Check expiration dates on batteries, light sticks, warm packs, food and water.
    • Consider the needs of elderly people as well as those with handicaps or other special needs when building your 72-hour kit. For example: for babies, store diapers, washcloths, ointment, bottles and pacifiers, and other special supplies.

    You may also want to visit http://www.72hours.org, a site sponsored by the City and County of San Francisco.


  1. Ensure that you are prepared with emergency lighting, whether that means buying new flashlights or replacing old batteries, so that you have enough for each member of the family and the lights are easily accessible in the dark. Consider alternative-power flashlights such as hand-cranked or solar charged. Also, be sure there are slow-burning candles and a way to light them available (but don’t use them if there’s a possibility of a gas leak).


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